Monks & Crane Industrial Group: ATORN ATORN is a European, premium quality range of products, which is exclusive to Monks & Crane Industrial Group in the United Kingdom.

Monks & Crane is a member of the European Allied Tool Group (EATG) of Companies that are owned by the Würth Group, whose objective is to ensure optimal tool supply to its Customers. This is made possible by EATG purchases of products on the international market and also with the co-operation of its supply partners. Only those products that meet the highest standards, in terms of quality and reliability, are included in the ATORN range. This, combined with stock level guarantees to prevent the formation of supply bottlenecks, enables the EATG to offer an unrivalled service package.

Monks & Crane's Customers have everything to gain from this Group activity, since it is able to pass on not only the administrative and logistical benefits, but also, the cost benefits of the EATG purchasing leverage.

ATORN products have been designed for industry professionals to ensure user satisfaction and consistent quality throughout:

Monks & Crane Industrial Group: ATORN

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