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About Censol


Wet Wipes
The Wipemaster range of Wet Wipes combine technology in both advanced wiping and safe chemicals. The bucket dispensing system ensures a clean wipe ready for instant use.

Impregnated Wet Wipes offer the control of a measured amount of chemical pre mixed onto an industry approved low lint non-woven material ready for use. Impregnated Wet Wipe technology is now proving to be the only sure way to provide the end user with a consistent quality product combined with approved formulation technology.

Using Wipemaster Wet wipes removes the need for bulk chemicals to be used on the shopfloor and helps comply with local authority and ISO14001 Environmental Management System.

Dry Low Lint Wipes
Our Non wovens exhibit great absorbency and wet strength to meet the needs of today’s wiping tasks. They can be used either for cleaning, as they are chemically resistant to most cleaning agents, or for general wiping purposes. The Censol range of non woven wipes offers the end user a bulky wipe, low lint, good wet and dry strength plus high absorption rates. In fact a wiper for any industrial wiping task.

Ideally suited for use in; Engineering, Aerospace, Pharmaceuticals, Laboratory and Clean Room, Automotive, Printing, Electronics, Manufacturing, Metal Fabricators and Optical Equipment.

Censol solvent resistant non woven wipes, can be used for a variety of applications from mopping up spillages in a engineering area to critical wiping in a lab or Aerospace environment. They are free of chemical binders, consistent in quality and offer a clean wipe every time thereby ensuring user confidence whatever the wiping application.

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