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About Mitsubishi

As a diversified materials company, Mitsubishi Materials has contributed to the creation of an affluent society through the supply of basic materials indispensable for the world.

Today, their activities cover a wide range, from the manufacture of basic materials to fabricated products and new materials with high-performance features, and further to the provision of systems and engineering services.

To respond to the various needs of society, they are constantly tackling research and development on new technologies and products and endeavour to provide ever more superior products, systems and services to the world.

Mitsubishi will continue to address the requirements of the world in a new era, such as technical innovation, development of information technology, globalization and a heightened awareness of the environmental protection.

At the same time, they will carefully and efficiently use natural resources and raw materials that are the gift of the Earth, and will support building social systems based upon resource recycling.

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